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    1. Where agriculture & environment meet for an open dialogue
      Information on COVID-19
      The FFA partners have announced that the 2020 Forum for the Future of Agriculture, scheduled to take place at The Square, Brussels, on Tuesday, March 31 will be cancelled following the escalation of COVID-19 Coronavirus in Europe. More >
      Running a sustainable event
      FFA2020 has chosen to work with CO2logic to ensure our event is sustainable. The CO2-Neutral label guarantees that labelled organisations are actively calculating, reducing and compensating their local and global climate impact. Discover more about what we are doing to be sustainable. More >
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      Why should you come to FFA?

      Every year, the Forum brings together leading speakers to discuss the key areas affecting agriculture and the environment. Through inspiring speeches and thought-provoking panel sessions, you can discover more about the solutions and change that will be required to help ensure that agriculture and the environment can continue in a sustainable way whilst ensuring that the Sustainable Development Goals are met and we protect and enhance our planet.
      About FFA
      The annual conference of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture takes place every spring in Brussels. The purpose of the FFA is to stimulate open discussions on the future of European and world agriculture and assess what should and what can be achieved over time, attaching equal weight to two challenges: food security and environmental security.?The FFA Brussels is accompanied every year by regional conferences across Europe. The Forum is now established as the premier meeting place for those who have a stake in the future of agriculture and has been addressed by European Commissioners, MEPs, National Government Ministers, Industry Leaders, Academics, NGOs, International Organisations, including OECD and FAO.
      The Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA)?is the premiere meeting place in Brussels to debate sustainable agriculture and environmental challenges. FFA is where agriculture and environment meet for an open dialogue. More >
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